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Monday, January 13, 2014

Good Ideas - 10 DIY Winter Projects

Things around here have been pretty average which is awesome. I feel like we have been going and going since we moved back to Oregon and things are finally starting to slow down. I was in need of a few mundane days to be honest. 

If you read the blog regularly or "Like" me on Facebook you will know that I have been working hard to get organized as one of my 2014 resolutions. I am happy to report it is going really well! I am keeping up with my planner (which is making my life so much easier by the way) and this past week I had all our meals planned out and actually followed through on my schedule! More on that later! The kitchen has stayed super clean, with little to no dirty dishes hanging out around the house. I must admit this is a success because Tom is really helpful in the dishes department! I wish I could boast about conquering the laundry pile, but that would be fibbing. Maybe next week? 

This past weekend I took down all of our Christmas decorations (boo), so now our apartment is looking a little sad and dull. In hopes of making our home feel a little "festive" still I found a few great ideas on Pinterest that I wanted to share with you all! I even threw in a couple of tutorials for you to wear and show off while on the go! 


I ended up leaving my snowflake decorations up because I like them and they are the perfect post-Christmas decoration.

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