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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Good Ideas - 14 DIY Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine's Day is upon us! I would be bluffing if I said I loved this holiday. The truth is, it really isn't a big deal to me. I will not be disappointed if I don't receive any flowers or jewelry. Tom and I have never really done anything elaborate for the holiday since we both feel like it isn't worth all the hustle and bustle. Instead we normally make dinner with each other at home (which is normally a heart shaped steak we split in half, yummy) and give each other a card with love notes inside. Quite honestly, that is all I need to be satisfied on v-day. 

Speaking of love notes, I usually make the cards I hand over to Tom for the day. For some inspiration I hopped on Pinterest and started searching for some DIY card ideas. You can check out my Valentine's Day Board for more DIY card and craft ideas. Below I have included my top 14 favorites. I may have to make some (or all) of these and send them out to loved ones and friends, since I totally forgot to send out our Christmas cards last year, oops! 

On another, unrelated note. Tomorrow is the SUPERBOWL!!! GO SEAHAWKS! 

1 comment:

  1. I love these DIY valentines day wishes! So beautiful creation and crafts. Thanks for sharing.

    Cheers xxxx