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Monday, June 10, 2013

Birthday Adventures

In the weeks leading up to my birthday, I had no idea what I wanted to do to celebrate it. Of course Disneyland was on my list, but we really didn't want to spend that much money and plus we just went before Christmas. So that idea was out! Then I thought the beach. I have always wanted to visit a beach in California. I don't know why but it just seems so much better than an Oregon beach. But then I heard a commercial on the radio for the San Diego Zoo! I proposed the idea to Tom (if we are taking a trip I wanted to make sure he had fun too!) and he thought it was an awesome idea. So we started planning our zoo trip!

I was pretty much on the zoo's website everyday, all week long. I would watch the live cams of the animals and browse at everything they had to offer. Yeah, I was really excited! Since my birthday was on a weekday we really couldn't go then, so Tom took me out to my favorite restaurant. I basically just got to relax after work which was really nice! 

On Saturday we woke up early to head out, and still didn't make it out the door on time! ;) We are pretty much always late... BUT we are getting better! Only 10 minutes late that time! After a quick breakfast stop we were on our way!!

This trip was one of the most fun things we have ever done together. We got to see so many animals we had never seen before, and most importantly we got to feed the giraffes!! AHHH!! It was the PERFECT day! If you have never been to the San Diego Zoo before, you really need to go! :) 

Get ready for a picture explosion! Here are some of the pictures we took. I tried to pick the ones that documented our favorite things that happened! :)

Waiting in line for giraffe feeding tickets!!

Our turns next!

Most AMAZING experience EVER!!! 
His tongue wrapped around your hand!

We had never seen a koala bear before. 
It's safe to say we both love them now!

A kangaroo finally woke up and hopped around for us!

This is a honey badger. He was so playful and cute! 
He reminded us of a kitten. 

We were right next to this guy. So awesome.

AHHHH we were SO close to a polar bear!! I love polar bears! 

Tom found a polar bear book and was reading it to me. 
Pretty much my three favorite things: Reading, Polar Bears, and Tom <3 font="">

Right next to a sleeping hippo!!

The end of our trip!

A note to all future zoo-goers. Wear sunscreen! We were silly and didn't, and we payed the price! Still a great trip though with amazing memories! :) Thanks for reading!

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