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Saturday, June 8, 2013

DIY Wall Flower Tutorial

Remember my first Oh, How Pinteresting link-up? In this post I told you to keep your eyes peeled for a certain project, well here is the finished project!

Cute right?! Not to mention it's made up of almost all recycled materials, and costs you little to nothing to create (everyone loves a cheap project right?)! 

So are you ready to learn how to make your own Wall Flower? Well let's get started!

What You will Need:

- A hot glue gun and glue
- Spray paint 
- Scissors
- Ruler
- Pencil
- Lots of toilet paper and paper towel rolls!


1. Start saving your toilet paper and paper towel rolls! Yes, this is a step. I had been saving rolls since before Christmas and only JUST had enough to make my flower large enough. How many rolls do you need? Great question, depends on how big you want your flower to be. Unfortunately I did not count how many rolls I had before I started cutting them :( 

2. Once you have enough rolls saved up (or you think you have enough rolls saved up! I had to "start" the project about three times before I could actually start the project), fold the rolls in half so they turn into a flat surface. Using your ruler and pencil, measure out the width of your petals. The very center of my flower has 2" tall petals. The next height is 1 1/2", 1", and so on and so forth. Cut the rolls on the marks you created. 

3. As you cut, be sure to start planning your design out so you know how many more petals you need to cut, and in what size. 

I cut the petals and created my shape as I went. 
Thomas was very interested in the flower and kept trying 
to steal the petals and play.. Silly guy :)

4. Once you have all your petals cut, and you have decided on you design, it's time to glue! 

5. Start gluing from the center of your flower, working your way out until you have no more petals left.

Here it is all glued together!

6. Spray paint your flower (make sure to follow the directions on your spray paint bottle!). I used about three coats of Krylon's Island Splash. 

7. Let your flower thoroughly dry. To hang on your wall, simply put a nail in the wall where you want the center of your flower to be, then hang the center petal on that nail. 


SUPER easy right!?!?! I know I don't have any pictures of it hanging on my wall. I am currently waiting on some pictures to be printed out to hang around the flower. I will be sure to post an update with everything complete as soon as it's done though!  Let me know how your flower turns out! :)

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