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Thursday, August 22, 2013


Hi everybody! Today I am going to talk about some changes that have taken place in my life. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you most likely know all the cool things I am going to share with you. But do you have the "dirty deets", so you speak? No, I didn't think so.... Read on! ;)

For starters, we moved!! No more icky Southern California. The area we were living in really was not fun for us. If we were 70 and on vacation I could see it being a nice area to vacation, but we are in our 20's so... Needless to say, I am super happy for the change of scenery! 

The whole moving experience was very stressful on our little family. In the beginning, we were given 6 days notice that Tom's company was relocating him. 6 days people!!!!! So obviously I began packing right away. We had our whole moving plan in place and on schedule, when Tom's company told him not to move.. 2 days before said move.. What?!?! That was pretty frustrating to say the least.

After 3 days of packing. This was 2 days before we were told to stay in Southern California. 

Tom came home that weekend so we could spend time together before he had to go back to Arizona for the week. We were both pretty bummed, as we were really looking forward to the move! But our weekend got REALLY exciting very fast!!

We got a puppy :)

Not just any puppy, a corgi! We had been looking for one for months, but had not been going well. We started looking for older ones to adopt and had no luck. We contacted breeders, and let's just say had no luck with them either. Then while randomly browsing on Craigslist, we found some puppies!! The next day we went to pick out our baby and we brought her home ! :)

Then Tom had to go back to work :( This left me at home with a baby puppy, which is essentially a human child with fur and no diapers. Haha ;) Needless to say, I did not get much unpacking done. Which turned out to be a really good thing, seeing as that week (Thursday night actually) Tom was told to move to Arizona.

Pretty crazy right?!?! Together we finished packing the apartment, loaded our stuff up, drove to Arizona, and moved everything into our new apartment in 3 days! All with a new puppy and overweight kitty! We are pretty awesome!

So there it is. My life has changed dramatically in the past month and I am loving every minute of it. New puppy, new apartment, new town, new JOB! Yeah, I am one happy camper.. :)

Now as promised, here are some adorable pictures of our baby girl. For more recent pictures and updates, be sure to follow me on Instagram :)

Tifa on her first day home :) 10 weeks old.

I love how she has little "gloves". 11 weeks old. 

12 weeks old, with the cutest face ever. 

13 weeks old, in love with her Daddy <3 font="">

She also loves her Mommy :) 14 weeks, after her first trip to the vet!

P.S. I am still in love with my kitty, and he is my favorite :) BUT get used to "Puppy Updates"! :) Thanks for reading everyone! Comments are encouraged ;)

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