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Monday, August 26, 2013

Thomas and Tifa

I get a lot of questions about how Thomas and Tifa feel about each other. Seeing as Thomas is used to being an only child and spoiled rotten, he is adjusting.

When we first brought Tifa home she was very scared of Thomas. She stayed away from him for the first few days and then got really curious about him. She would cautiously go up and sniff him, but of course Thomas would hiss and run away. Well, then Tifa grew. She started trying to play with Thomas, and being the lazy cat that Thomas is, he did nothing about it except complain. It was so annoying! 

I tried saving him the first few times, and then I just let him figure out he needed to fend for himself. Well eventually he figured that part out. Now he eggs her on and actually starts about half of the play time sessions. But he continues to whine and hiss like he is being horribly attacked, even if Tifa is just kissing his ear. 

We know he loves dogs and we know he is actually kind of enjoying her. But I know Thomas loved being a spoiled, only child. I will say one nice thing about having Tifa around is Thomas spends more time on the couch with us ;) 

So there it is. Thomas and Tifa are in no means best of friends. But they tolerate each other and are getting better with each other as time passes :) 

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1 comment:

  1. Gah! This photo is adorable beyond words! I love how her little nose always looks like she has a smirky smile!!! Our cats and dogs definitely tolerate each other now, Zeke and Cash even snuggle (with the covers between them). As long as one isn't going to harm the other, I think they're doing just fine!