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Monday, October 7, 2013

Big Announcement!

Yesterday I announced on my Facebook page to keep your eyes peeled for a big announcement on the blog.. Well here it is! 


This is pretty BIG and exciting news for our little family, seeing as we have been wanting to move back to Oregon pretty much since we left. 

This past Friday we found out Tom was offered an engineering position with a company up in Oregon. I am over the moon happy and excited for him to start this next phase of his career! He is very smart, talented, and a complete professional; I know he is going to rock at this job. 

Thankfully, we have three weeks to move this time, as opposed to one! It feels so good to have the opportunity to try and sell or donate things we no loner need or use, as opposed to just throwing everything in boxes to get the heck out of dodge! 

Unfortunately this means I will probably be more scarce on the blog this month. I had every intent of having some Halloween tutorials up for you all, but moving comes first! Hopefully I can find some time to put something together, but I can't promise anything :( Lame I know...  I will however try to post little updates of our moving progress and adventures!

Until then readers! Have a great day! :) 

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