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Thursday, October 24, 2013

On the Road Again

As most of you know, last Saturday was the big moving day. Thankfully packing and loading the truck was a breeze this time! Our friends were really a huge help and made everything so much easier! Big thank you to you both!! It also helped that it was only 80 degrees on moving day, as opposed to 115 ;)

Once everything was packed up, I finished some last minute cleaning. We did our final walk through and we were on our way by 2:30 PM!

Within the first two hours of driving Tom and I decided we could drive right through and not stop at a hotel. Kind of crazy in hindsight, but we wanted to get it done. 

Our animals were AMAZING on the car ride! Tifa was a little angel! She played with her toys some, but she mostly just wanted to sit on your lap and snuggle :) Thomas was also an angel! For this car ride we decided to use Tifa's kennel for transporting. Best decision ever. Tifa's kennel is just a metal cage whereas Thomas' kennel is plastic and he really can't see out of it. He had plenty of room in Tifa's to stretch out and move around. The metal holes were large enough that we could stick our hands in and give him attention. He was so happy. He was purring for a lot of the trip. 

We drove through the whole night and at about 7:00 AM we decided to pull over for a nap. I couldn't fall back asleep so I took Tifa out for a much needed walk/run to get some energy out of her. Then the animals got some breakfast, I got some coffee, and we were on our way again. 

The morning and afternoon were very uneventful. We drove over The Siskiyous and stopped for some lunch near Crater Lake. While doing a quick trailer check (we were towing the car behind us) we noticed a bolt was missing. We decided to call Penske's Roadside Assistance just to make sure we were good to go which turned out to be the best decision we ever made.

Even though we called about a very minor thing, everything regarding the trailer hook up was wrong. The Penske worker who helped us at our pick up location offered to hook the trailer up for us so of course we said yes. After all, he works for the company and does this all the time right? He royally messed up. 

Honestly I do not want to get into the details, but let's just say the guy who hooked the trailer up messed up so bad it's a miracle nothing happened. This isn't even exaggerated. It's a miracle no one was hurt. We brought it to Penske's attention and supposedly they sent a regional manager out to the location we picked everything up from, but we intend to go as high as possible with this issue. We should have never been put in the situation we were in, and the guy who hooked us up should (obviously) not have been doing so because he wasn't trained properly. 

Rant over. 

Once everything was PROPERLY hooked up we kept on trucking. At this point we were about 4 hours away from home, and just wanted to be done. 

We finally pulled up to my parents house around 9:45 PM. We were welcomed with a home cooked meal, happy dogs, happy people, and best of all a shower. 

Since then we have had no time to rest. It has been go, go, go with no end in sight until this morning. We still have a few small things to take care of, but nothing crazy. We really just need to spend time with family, spend time with each other, and get some sleep. 

On that note I am going to make some breakfast and lounge around for a while. Have a great day everyone! :)

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