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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Saying Goodbye

As a warning before you dive into this post, this is me rambling. So sorry in advance for the rambling and random thoughts! 

I have been torn about if I should share this post or not. It has been sitting in my draft folder for about a week now. I continue to edit and revise everything only to chicken out and "save as a draft" yet again. But not this time!!

This move back to Oregon is bittersweet for me. I am very excited to see my Oregonian friends and family again, but sad to leave the Arizona ones behind. 

Honestly I fell in love with Arizona. It is different from what I grew up with, but it is still so beautiful. I loved the area we were living at, we were close to everything and as an added bonus our apartment complex was actually pretty nice! Of course anything is an upgrade from our apartment in California.. But I digress. 

I feel like I made lifelong friends while living there. That is so special to me. I will miss each one dearly and I look forward to seeing them again in the future. 

So thank you friends who made Arizona feel like home. I will always remember the past three months spent living down there. It was a wonderful treat, and I look forward to going back and visiting!! 

We made it to my parents house last night around 10:00 PM!! I will make a post shortly about our adventure here :) but for today we are apartment hunting and taking care of some business before we relax and spend time with friends!! 

Have a great day everyone!! :)


  1. I miss you tons already! We will for sure see each other again!

    1. Gah I miss you so much as well!! I hope we get to see each other SOON!! :D