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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Weekend Moving Update

We are now SIX days away from moving day.. It is fast approaching. Scary.

Friday was kind of my calm before the storm. It was my day to relax for a couple hours and catch up on Vampire Diaries (don't judge, I love it) and to get a good chunk of packing done while I was home alone. 

I started in the "coat closet" which has just always been full of boxes. I got rid of a few more things, repacked the boxes, and added in some trinkets that were sitting around the house. Then I got everything out of the desk, and packed. 

I also packed up ALL my sewing and crafting gear! Boo!! That is probably the worst packing task for me! I dislike seeing my awesome supplies shoved in boxes and out of my reach. And I noticed the second I pack everything up is the second I want to use it!! Figures.. 

In the afternoon both Tom and I went and picked out the moving truck and trailer to tow the car behind us. Note to all future movers, Penske is way cheaper and their equipment is in way better condition than U-Haul. 

Later I spent some time figuring out a rough plan of what I am packing and when so I don't fall behind. Just the simple act of creating a checklist really calms me down. It makes me feel more organized and prepared for the days to come. 

Saturday I did very little as I was working at my job most of the day. I did however manage to watch Pocahontas Two with Tom.. Which, by the way, is pretty much the worst Disney sequel I have ever seen.

Today I spent the first half of my day at my job again, followed by a very drawn out and frustrating experience selling our entertainment center on Craigslist. But at least we have that big chunk of furniture gone! And we actually made money off of it, woot!! I am excited to pick a new one out when we get to our new place!! :D I also spent some time creating a wicked, awesome Disney music playlist for the drive!! Score!!

At this point I feel like most of the packing is done. The rest is everything that we use, but we are trying to keep it out as long as possible. Our closet and the kitchen is really the most daunting and time consuming things we have left! Better start washing some laundry.... ;) Then we just have to disassemble furniture. 

All in all I am not feeling too stressed about getting everything packed, but this week will definitely be busy!! Thanks for sticking around through all the crazy! :) For more frequent updates follow me on Twitter and Instagram. Have a great day!! 

1 comment:

  1. Hurray!!! I can't wait for you guys to be home! Moving/packing sucks so much, but at least its back to Oregon and hopefully one last time once you're there, which will be into a house of your own forevers!!! Keep up the positivity! Love you guys!