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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

52 Lists: Things to be proud of

Honestly, this post was challenging to write. I thought about skipping it altogether, but that would be cheating! So I sat for a while and just thought. Eventually I came up with this list. I strongly feel like everyone should make one! Especially if you are having a bad day! It forces you to come up with positive things about yourself and your life. :) Enjoy! :)

- I am a loving, compassionate person.
- I love animals. I want to help every lost one I find, and I almost always do.
- I am creative.
- I have learned from my mistakes.
- I try to enjoy the little things in life that many people overlook.
- I stand behind my beliefs and do not conform simply to fit in.
- I am in a healthy, loving relationship (with an amazing guy, I should add :]).
- I started my own blog, which is something I have always wanted to do.
- I started my own business.
- I am not afraid to dream.
- I am determined.
- I am a hard worker.
- I am a good cook.
- I am making and maintaining a happy home for Tom and I while working full time and starting my own business.
- I haven't killed our basil plant.... YET! ;)

Join in the 52 Lists Project! Moorea Seal's blog is great!

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