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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Current and Future Goals and Dreams

Welcome to my week four of the 52 Lists Project! This week focused on listing your current and future goals and dreams. I must admit I had a lot of fun with this one. It is a fantastic feeling to put your goals and dreams on paper, and SEE them! :)

- Have my own personal library.
- Have my own special craft room.
- Run a small no kill animal shelter/rescue.
- Learn how to sew clothes.
- Learn how to safely use a saw, then use it!
- Grow my blog and business, be successful!
- Create more items for my shop.
- Get married.
- Have babies (while still maintaining a -successful- business).
- Visit Europe.
- Visit EVERY U.S. State.
- Graduate college.
- Create a household budget and stick with it!
- Attend a blogging conference.
- Save enough money to send my future kids to college.
- Smile more at strangers (if could change their day and yours).
- Be able to care for my parents when they grow old.
- Visit Disneyworld.
- Sell my creations by various means (not just Etsy).
- Take a cooking class.
- Never stop reading.
- Work on finding the silver lining in my life events and not just others. Be more optimistic.
- Grow my own Christmas tree (at least once).
- Have a garden.
- Make working out part of my lifestyle and not just a chore.
- Complete everything on this list!! :)

Join in the 52 Lists Project {here}, have an amazing week everyone!

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