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Monday, April 15, 2013

Make Your Own Labels

Buying labels with your logo on them are SO EXPENSIVE!! And as much as I wanted them I could not bring myself to spend $60 plus on them.. :(

Well last week when I went to the craft store, I happened to stumble upon ... wait for it ... FABRIC PAPER. It got my crafty brain all excited and pumped! No more excuses not to have my logo on tags now! :)

Now I know you want a how to! It is super simple! Here you go.


- One package of Computer Printer Fabric
- Printer
- Ink
- Computer

(I know you need to go pick up all these things, right? :])

1. Design your logo. I already had mine done so it was just a matter of re sizing the image. :)

2. I grabbed a template off of Avery's website {here}, downloaded it, and inserted my image. 

3. Follow the instructions on your printer fabric and print. I had to let mine set for 10 minutes, then iron on high with no steam for two minutes. Super easy!

Here they are all printed out! :)

4. Next, I ironed my sheet onto some Pellon 808. 

5. Cut out your tags. Make sure they are straight! ;)

6. Fold over the edges on the sides so your tag looks pretty, and press. Be careful of your fingers! I used an old antique iron my Grandma gave me to help get the tags pressed nicely! If you don't have an antique iron, you should! I can not imagine ironing without mine! 

7. And PRESTO! Your tags are done!

Word of warning. These tags are NOT waterproof. So if you put them on Etsy items that are washable, make sure you state to not wash the tag. :)

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