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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday Mornings

Who doesn't love Saturday mornings? It's pretty much the one day out of the entire week where you don't have to do anything you don't want to. It's amazing.

I always wake up first on weekend mornings. I guess I just can't sleep in like I used to, but I have grown to love and look forward to my private Saturday mornings to myself. Not that I wouldn't mind someone waking up before me every once in a while though. :)

My day always start with a HUGE bowl of cereal and Netflix :) It's a time when I get the TV all to myself and can watch the girliest show of my choosing (no basketball playoffs ;])! After an episode (I will admit sometimes two episodes if it ends of a real cliff hanger) I fire up the old laptop (I literally mean old) and work on my blog. I don't always work on posts, sometimes I just research how to add something, or I simply catch up reading on the blogs I follow! But sometimes I get distracted and go on a Pinning spree! ;)

Lately I have also been working on catching up with Moorea Seal's 52 Lists Project. The thing is though I don't want to rush through them. So I will admit I have been taking my time to catch up. I would rather take the time to reflect on myself than be on the same week as everyone else.

And after I'm done with that I either spend more time on the computer, read (have I mentioned I LOVE reading?), or I work on sewing and creating patterns. :)

Overall, I have come to love and enjoy my Saturday morning alone time. It's a time I use to reflect on myself, and focus on the things that make me happy. By the afternoon I feel refreshed, revived, and ready to conquer the everyday norm.

Oh! And did I mention I get this little guy all to myself too! :)

How do you spend your Saturday mornings? Or how do you wish you spent them? :)

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