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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hair Tutorials

Happy Wednesday everyone! This week I am taking the liberty to share some amazing hair tutorials form my Pinterest page. You will notice almost all of them are from The Small Things Blog. I LOVE this blog!! Kate's tutorials are so easy to follow and very thorough. I was pretty much hair stupid before I stumbled upon her blog. You will also notice I also am sharing a lot of braided hair tutorials. Here's why.

About a year ago I decided to bob my hair... Never again. It was cute but I hated that there was really only one style I could wear it. My hair is finally getting long again (yay!) so I can play around with different styles. I must say I am loving being able to create braids and buns! Problem is I have to learn all the braids!! So far I have french braiding my bangs down pretty well, but now I need to learn the others. Thankfully I have my awesome Pinterest Hair Board to teach me! :)

I hope you enjoy these pins and learn as much as I did! Be sure to check out my Pinterest Hair Board for more hair tutorials!

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