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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Week Six: Ways to Love Others

When I saw the list topic "Ways in which you can Love Others", I interpreted it as a what are things you can do to show and communicate love to others. Some things on my list I feel like I already do, and some are things I would like to do. And all I would like to master! :) When you put love out into the universe, you will get love back. :)

Ways in which I can Love Others:

- Smile at others more
- Give out hugs to family and friends
- Be patient
- Send a care package to a loved one far away
- Send a care package to a soldier
- Listen more
- Give advice when it is wanted
- Be a shoulder to cry on
- Give space when the other needs it
- Send a "thank you for being in my life" letter or card
- Be kind and polite, even when others are not
- Accept other peoples beliefs, even if I do not agree with them
- Accept and admit when I am wrong
- Be gracious when defeated
- Forgive others
- Give someone a "just because" present
- Be honest with others
- Be courteous and thoughtful of others
- Be more willing to share and open myself up to others
- Be joyous for others successes and triumphs
- Be encouraging and positive when others feel defeated
- Never forget a birthday or special day
- Call loved ones I haven't spoken to in a while just to say hello

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