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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Week Five: What I am Grateful for

Let's be honest, this list could go on and on! I filled up my paper while I was writing everything down and still had more when it was filled!

I am grateful for:
- A roof over my head
- Food on the table
- My animals
- Cute animals and the joy they provide
- Cute babies are always good too
- My sewing machine
- My loving, respectful, wonderful, supportive boyfriend
- My family
- My friends
- Freedom: the right to have my own thoughts and beliefs, and be able to act upon them
- My Kitchen Aid
- A warm, soft bed to sleep in
- My past. It made me who I am today
- Books
- Education
- Modern medicine
- The weekend
- Modern technology
- Air conditioning
- The men and women who have and who are serving our country
- Naps
- Spontaneity
- Dishes: Because it means you ate well! That one needed an explanation! ;)
- Sunshine
- Snow days
- Rain
- Music
- Schedules
- Date nights
- Cookies
- Ice cream
- Root beer floats
- Adventures
- Nature
- Running water
- Hot water
- Electricity
- Forgiveness
- Lazy days

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