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Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Happy Friday!

Tonight was such an awesome night I just had to share it! A couple months ago a local casino started advertising that Penn and Teller would be here to do a show. I saw the ad driving home from work and I immediately shared the awesome news with Tom when I got home.  

Tom and I love magic and magic shows. For a while we were completely hooked on Penn and Teller's show "Fool Us" along with various other magic T.V. shows out there. We waited a little while to buy tickets (we imagined them to be super spendy, after all it was Penn and Teller). But we finally manned up and looked at prices online. Totally cheap and totally worth it. 

Can't you just see the excitement on our faces!! Tom is a little shy in his glasses, but trust me he was stoked!

I will admit, we had seen a lot of the tricks they did at the show just from watching them on YouTube etc. But it was still awesome to see them live! They kept us entertained the whole time, and the audience was very much involved which was really fun. Basically, if you ever have a change to see them... Do it! Word of advice: If you want to be an audience helper, you should spend a little more on tickets to get on the ground floor, that is where they got all of the audience participants.

I haven't even shared the best part of the night though. We got to MEET Penn and Teller! Yeah, I know. So cool! We had no idea they would be out to meet fans after the show! That was probably the best surprise of the night. Oh! and we finally heard Teller's voice. 


Side note: I apologize for the quality of my pictures! But at least we have some photographic evidence of our awesome adventure! 

Overall it was a fantastic night out. Honestly, it was the perfect date for us. We didn't spend a ton of money, it was close to home, and it was something we both really enjoyed. CHEERS to the rest of the weekend!! :)

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